Things I've explored.

These projects reflect my insatiable curiosity and drive to explore new things. Some projects from my professional engagements cannot be published due to confidentiality reasons.

  • Baku Hantam


    Baku Hantam

    A collection of heated debates between Indonesian IT professionals on Twitter

  • Sini Cerita


    Sini Cerita

    This project is a playground project to implement Redis and useOptimistic

  • Data Pemilu 2024


    Data Pemilu 2024

    This project is running to gather data for the 2024 General Election. The data is collected from the website

  • Salin Abangkuuuhh 🫡🔥🔝


    Salin Abangkuuuhh 🫡🔥🔝

    List of template words

  • API Caleg Pemilu 2024


    API Caleg Pemilu 2024

    Providing data on legislative candidates for the 2024 election in Indonesia

  • Countdown KKN


    Countdown KKN

    Countdown progress during the implementation of KKN for the Sociology Department, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP), Lambung Mangkurat University (ULM) 2023

  • Next.js Release


    Next.js Release

    A list of releases for the Next.js framework. Makes it easy to track each changelog so you don't miss out.

  • Akukreatif



    Akukreatif is a portal listing SMEs in South Kalimantan. It was my project during an internship at Kalsel Creative Forum

  • Quran-Quiz



    quran-quiz is a library for generating quizzes about the Quran. This library is designed to enhance Quranic memorization.

  • Portal Desa Bambangin


    Portal Desa Bambangin

    This project is a web platform built during my "Social Mapping" and "KKN" courses, aimed at showcasing news and village profiles of Bambangin, to introduce it to the wider audience.

  • Ramadan Countdown


    Ramadan Countdown

    Simple countdown app for Ramadan

  • Kumpulan Murottal


    Kumpulan Murottal

    A collection of channels featuring reciters of the Quran that I often listen to.

  • Acak Aja


    Acak Aja

    A platform for creating randomness, starting from shuffling groups, randomly selecting positions, creating duty schedules, and generating random numbers

  • NIK reader and generator


    NIK reader and generator

    Users can input an Indonesian national identification number (NIK) to obtain details about its origin, gender, date of birth, and unique number. The project also utilizes reverse engineering to generate NIKs.

  • Dzikir Pagi dan Petang


    Dzikir Pagi dan Petang

    A dhikr app that guides users to the morning or evening remembrance based on their current time.